Welcome to the

Amplification Research Laboratory

at the

University of British Columbia 




Lab Description:

The Amplification Lab was established in 2005 by Dr. Lorienne Jenstad.  Her goal was to create an interactive environment for students and researchers to study the effects of amplification, particularly for older adults.

The lab is fully equipped with clinical audiological equipment, including an audiometer hearing aid test system, NOAH, and otoscopes. Research equipment includes a KEMAR, a TDT system, a Hammerfall soundcard, and a Larson-Davis sound level meter.

The lab is housed with the Audiology Research Unit and shares a common space with two other research labs.


Programs of Research:

The main area of research in this lab is hearing aid amplification and:

i) the effects of amplification signal processing on speech acoustics and intelligibility

ii) determining candidacy for types of signal processing, particularly for older adults

iii) hearing healthcare for older adults: the need for it and the barriers/facilitators to access hearing care




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